Meet Vector's Sister, Shola Ogunmefun, who sings Juju

  • Sola Vibrate
For Juju music enthusiasts, Shola Ogunmefun Taiwo popularly known as Shola Vibrate(formerly Shola Vibrator) needs little or no introduction. And for those who don’t know her, the talented singer is one of the wave-making female Juju musicians in the country, rapper Vector’s elder sister and renowned Juju musician, Dele Taiwo’s wife.
Shola Vibrate, who has been off the scene for a while, has disclosed that she’s returned to put her career back on track.

I was on maternity leave, actually. Although, while I was pregnant, I was still performing at my regular shows. It was when I was close to delivery that I went on leave. In fact, I still performed at a party in Ijebu during my 9th month. Thank God, I am back now,’ she said.

Shola, whose music career has spanned almost 18 years, got married to Dele Taiwo a few years ago and they have a son together.
Speaking on how the renowned Juju musician has contributed to her career the Creative Arts graduate from University of Lagos said, ‘My husband has been very supportive to be sincere. He was the one that gingered me and said Shola, you need to get into the studio, all these things you have done to help other people’s brands is enough. Why don’t you try your own thing? In fact, he dragged me to the studio. He has been trying for me. He has impacted positively on my career.’
Dele Taiwo
Dele Taiwo
On how she’s been coping being a artiste married to a musician, Shola has this to say, ‘It has not been easy o, I won’t lie to you.’
Speaking further, she added, ‘I remember telling someone last week when something came up. The person I am talking about is also married to an artiste, and she was like complaining that she is fed up about the man’s lifestyle, how he goes around, how he doesn’t spend time at home and all that.
‘So, I just told her that she should just be grateful to God for what she has and get the best of it, that all the busy schedules and all that are just for the time being. I gave her the example of one of our great leaders in the industry, Sir Shina Peters who I respect so much. He is always out, but the wife knows quite well that this is my husband and he will always come back to me. She does not really bother about what goes on with him out there. What matters most is understanding. Even if the man has 10 wives, once you understand each other, there won’t be any problem. So far, I have been coping. We have not been an hindrance to each other in any way, although it is natural for us to have challenges.
‘So far, we haven’t had any argument or quarrel concerning my career. To be sincere, he likes it when you are doing your own thing, when you are successful, when your music is being heard all over. He does not interfere in my career unduly. He does his thing, while I do mine.’

Shola like many musicians started singing in church. She was once a chorister at the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), alongside her younger brother, Vector.
Vector has a new song. Photo: Filed
‘It was not by accident. It is something I have been doing since I was young. It actually runs in my family. I started from the church, my dad is a good lead singer, and my mum is good with sopranos. I started off from Celestial Church Christ, Olowu Parish in Lagos. I even made my younger brother, Vector join the choir back in the days. Vector and I are from the same parents,’she said when asked how her journey in music began.
Sola Vibrate 2
Despite the fact that she’s been doing music for 18 years, ironically, the beautiful lady who has performed at several big shows across the country is yet drop an album.
My first album is almost out. I would have released it last year, but I don’t want just want to push something out there and people will be saying things like what is she even singing? I have been doing much of live recordings before now though. Actually, I was based on the Island. So, when you get to the Island, they know me quite well and my music is all over there. So, my first official album is almost out.’
Speaking further on why she’s yet to drop an album, she pointed out that, ‘Then I was so used to Kingsley Ogoro of Klinks Studios then; I was always there. I was working with the likes of Yomi Omidiran, who is now in the U.S, WaleDele the guitarist and others. We all worked together then, but they are all abroad now. I was on the verge of doing something then, butYomi advised me that I should not rush. He said, Shola don’t rush, take your time.
‘I thank God that I listened to him then. I was working for one guy called Shola Taiwo, a gospel artiste. I was his lead singer and I took part in all of his songs. His songs did so well then and I was like the brain behind them all. So, Yomi told me Shola take your time, watch people, and learn from them and when the time is right, you will come out great. I took his advice then and I was taking my time. It was after he left the country that I met some kind of wrong clique, but with God’s help I was able to get myself out on time. It was after that experience that I said to myself that I will really take my time.’
Sola Vibrate 1
Shola was formerly known in the music industry as Sola Vibrator, but she chose to re-brand her stage name to ‘Sola Vibrate’ recently.
Speaking on what inspired the name change, she said, ‘I believe you know what a vibrator is. So many people, because of that name have been having some kind of erroneous notion that I am a kind of vulgar singer. There is an instance when I was playing at Island Club and one man came to me and said, I think after your performance, you are going to distribute vibrators to us o..I was like what is wrong with this man? My own vibrator is not what it connotes, it means something that vibrates, something that is active continuously. From that point on, I have started thinking of changing the name. So, I am re-branding into a new name, Shola Vibrate. Vibrate is a verb, an action word, a doing word. This year, by the grace of God, people should expect the unexpected from me, including my album.’