Celebrating Intelligence & Beauty, JOKO ADEUSI

In the Lagos corporate and social scene today, not many names can claim to be bigger than that of the legendary Joko Adeusi. Ask anybody who knows a thing or two about the corporate organization, political network and social scene in Lagos, and they will tell you that Joko Adeusi is an Icon when it comes to the Lagos social circuit.

Elegant and delectable Joko has been in the public glare for well over 10 years and she does not look like she is ready to slow down yet. Her grip and influence on the social scene has not waned one bit. She knows just the right person in every space.

This bold and beautiful Joko who came into prominence, just after her exit from the financial institution started a fashion column with City People Fashion And Beauty where she schools fleshy and plus size women on how to rock their shape. Aside from her corporate activity and creative instinct identifying new opportunity, there was no big party that didn’t have the beautiful and high flying Joko Adeusi in attendance. And she used to rock the best gold back in the days.
Joko is an undisputed Gold rocker.  she still rocks her gold. Top celebrities and prominent Nigerians, including royalty, are her friends. Joko Adeusi is on first name terms with most of the accomplished politicians, captains of industries, business moguls and celebrated career women in Nigeria today because she’s known most of them from way back when they were all younger and striving to make their mark in life.
Up until about four years ago before she left FCMB after having served them for 15 fruitful years, Joko was a senior management staff of the foremost banking institution and she held her own pretty well in the boardroom. She left FCMB to set up her clothing line specialised in catering for plus size women called Eve Xtra.
To say she has made a remarkable impact with Eve Xtra will be understating the fact. Every plus-size woman who desires to look beautiful and knows exactly what she wants now goes to Eve Xtra for top quality American and Canadian dresses specifically made for the big and beautiful woman.
Joko Adeusi is a proud Alumni of one of Nigeria’s leading academic institution, Grace Schools. She is one of the many society giants that the school has produced and she has equally contributed to the development of the institution.