How Grace Schools Have Helped Build Young Talents In The Creative Industry

In the creative world, the tiniest of ideas can spark a masterpiece. But ideas and the people behind them need nurturing. This message rang out loud and clear as we explored the ways in which, one of Nigeria’s leading academic institution, Grace Schools has been working shape its students and spark up their unique skill in the bid to turn Nigeria’s creative industries into engines of economic growth.

Policymakers everywhere are embracing a sophisticated range of investments and forming partnerships with businesses and investors as well as schools and universities. Therefore, any academic institution that wants to compete in this arena cannot afford to stand still.

For an academic structure, one cannot underestimate the benefits of the successful promotion of the creative industries. Investing in these industries drives economic growth: The creative industries are generating billions of dollars in gross value across the globe. It has also employed almost 30 million people worldwide and, unlike other segments of the economy, the creative arts, and entertainment also contribute to cultural identity and social cohesion.

This is why Grace schools is moving fast ahead of its contemporary, having identified the future of the creative industry, and has chosen to go in the direction of developing the students’ in moral, academics and identifying their Gods-given talents for adequate nurturing.

Grace Schools ensure that all students are carried along in the bid to make them achieve their fullest potential, both academically and personally.
The educational staff, a multi-disciplinary team of therapists, and support team work together to create an environment that meets the holistic needs of children who have difficult or complex life stories. By delivering the best features of a special school and alternative provision coupled to innovative educational and therapeutic frameworks that can help the students thrive.

The creative industries encompass a broad set of companies and media types. They bring together everyone from technicians and management professionals to artists and designers. Smart institutions recognize that different creative industries have specific needs. Grace Schools partner with reputable organizations to initiate highly centralized programs that are appropriate for the students; in others, local activities conducted in collaboration with stakeholders—from government, business, academia, and nongovernmental organizations.

Creative industries are becoming increasingly important components of modern post-industrial knowledge-based economies. Not only are they thought to account for higher than average growth and job creation, they are also vehicles of cultural identity that play an important role in fostering cultural diversity

As momentum builds to prioritize this field of activity within economic, development programs and policies, the demand for more precise and sophisticated cultural statistics at international, regional and national level is set to grow and schools, therefore, are expected to embrace and nurture the student's support and encourage initiatives in this field. The Global Alliance, dedicated to promoting the cultural industries, such as cinema, music, publishing, and crafts, fully supports the progress of recent years to map and study this sector more closely and actively works to advocate further research, disseminate best practices and collect published studies in this field on its website.

Little wonder why Grace Schools have produced more famous celebrities than any other private school in Nigeria
Grace School, one of Nigeria’s leading educational institution is building a formidable alumni platform for every ex-student who has reflected the reputable image of the school in a bright light.

The school prides itself in the long holding history of preserving the standard of providing an enabling and conducive environment, with world-class facilities for intellectual, academics, spiritual, moral and physical development of their students.

This is the school where the likes of Ninalowo Bolanle, Funke Akindele, Iyabo Ojo, Efe Irele, Segun Demuren, Nikki Laoye and many more graduated from.

Adesope Edun, one of the illustrious sons of the Director of the school in the last 35 years, Mrs Olatokunbo Edun is also going in the line of creativity and artistic vision with ample media projects to his credit. He is currently looking at projects to enhance the value of standard education and skill acquisition within the entertainment industry as he is set to premiere the Picture Rendezvous which is a project that will be looking at how technical education can be blended into making better scripts and better marketing for the movies for which the entertainment industry will be better off for.

Grace Schools will be partnering with artistes in the creative industry when the Grace Schools Alumni will be premiering its Annual Comedy Show starting in August of Next Year.

This award is in line with its policy on ensuring its legacy of nurturing talents within the creative industry as it has identified the need to have talents that can express their full potentials in areas such as stand up comedy who will add to the prestige of Grace Schools thereby consolidating on its legacy of developing stars for the future.

Grace Schools Alumni will be including sports as an avenue for the youth to express themselves and it is in this spirit it will be premiering its Sports and Co-Curricular Awards to encourage and nurture both sporting and creative talent in line with its legacy of creating stars for the future
By and large, Grace Schools have groomed major players in the creative industries over the years, and still building on the fore-running structures ahead of its major contemporary in the academic sector