EDWIIN calls out Nigeria Immigration Service Over Anti-Inclusive Employment Advert

Nigeria’s leading advocate for the rights and welfare of persons with disabilities, Empathy-Driven Women International Initiative EDWIIN, has drawn the attention of the Federal government to the recent Job Advertorial placed on one of Nigeria's daily newsprint. as it openly and deliberately discriminated against those who are tagged as Disables.

The advertorial, as placed by Nigeria Civil Defense, Correctional, Fire, And Immigration Service Board, has been tagged as Anti-Inclusion, as it specifically mentioned that "Applicant with any of the following physical challenge need not apply"

In a statement released by the convener of EDWIIN, Uri Ngozichukwuka, she hinted that Persons with disabilities are the subject of considerable discrimination, especially when it comes to employment. Many companies do not expressly include persons with disabilities in their workplace diversity policies and employers continue to express reluctance to hire these persons.

"In the wake of the recent signing into law of the Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2019 by Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, the major challenge has become the question of implementation, especially by the supposed overarching agencies which recruit in the thousands almost annually.

"It is pertinent that we take into cognizance, any form of the public notice that makes a mockery of the disability bill which has been duly signed in 2019 by President Mohammadu Buhari.

"Such deliberate attempt to ridicule, and openly reject Persons with Disability in the workplace is taking the country back 20 years by this posture. As a society, we need to move with times and be more empathetic towards one another.

"Families with persons with disabilities are already bearing the brunt of their care. Those that acquired skills and education could contribute immensely to the economy. They make up over 15% of our population. How do we alleviate poverty if we do not engage this demography?

"People with disabilities are very good with admin work. Great at desk work and data collating.
"We shall continue to make noise until our aim, which a workplace free of discrimination, patronizing attitudes, or resentment on the basis of disability is eschewed.

"We are calling the civil defense out to retract this anti inclusion advert, as bothers on gross insensitivity and lack of regard for the United Nation's SDGs that other nations are striving to honor in all ways", She stated

EDWIIN has been at the forefront of the campaign for the domestication of various international protocols and conventions on the rights of persons with disabilities by the Nigerian authorities.