Why Is Gbolahan Having Sleepless Nights Over Aremo?

 The Iru Progressive Vanguard, IPV, has reacted to the news going round, about popular Lagos businessman and respected prince, Aremo Adesegun Oniru, alleging that he was blocked by a number of folks who identified themselves as family members, as an attempt to undermine his popularity and acceptability that he enjoys among the people Iruland, describing the news as laughable and petty.


In a statement released on Wednesday, December 22, 2020, the group’s secretary, Olamide Adedoyin, described the story as petty and laughable, lacking substance worthy of promulgation, adding that it shows the current leadership in Iru has no meaningful purpose and direction for the people of Iru, aside to sit and monitor the esteemed Aremo Adesegun Oniru and his family.


“We are still trying to process the idea of a king, having absolutely no ambition, aside from his desperation to stain the reputation, integrity and legacy of the immediate past Oniru and his family.


It is important to state that we are not in any way surprised by the disastrous direction of Gbolahan, and we do not expect any good to come out of a man who claimed to be king but goes about posting and pouting on Social media with his directionless friends who also claims to be "royal fathers"


"These are the same so-called kings who could not mute a sentence to address the rampage that greeted the historic #EndSars protest by the youths, or even come in defense when their patron-client fathers were in the eye of the storm.

“A man who thrives on falsehood and reeks of sulfur is not fit to be a king. Gbolahan is morally bankrupt.


“Gbolahan is the least honest, least humble, and least qualify for the stool, he occupies, little wonder why he’s been overwhelmed by the demands of royalty, as his evident high-handedness and inability to unite families and communities within Iru.


“His camp has continued to concoct lies so often that anything they said in defense of Gbolahan and his regime are greeted with derision and laughter. They constantly lie and every true-born son of Iru can see through their lies, especially when their version of events and statements are contravened by Gbolahan.


"This report has confirmed that Gbolahan is slowly becoming a monster in Iruland.

In their desperation  to publish the lies, the promulgators failed to state the facts that the Aremo only went to the palace to retrieve his staff that was violently abducted by Gbolahan’s thugs and taken to his palace

“It is laughable that despite occupying the stool illegitimately, these traducers still find it difficult to sleep at night. They still keep vigil over Aremo's matter. They want to know where he’s been, what he ate, whom he visited. They are Aremo-phobist apologist.


“Aside from the evident revelation that the pseudo-royal junkie is a thug, which he has shown on several occasions, he lies, punts, and disgraces himself and degrades the highly revered Iru stool every time he talks.


His priority is to leave a legacy of sorrow, tears, and blood like Oyenusi, Shina Rambo, Anini, and Evans the kidnapper.

Every discerning minds will wonder why Gbolahan has never granted an interview to speak extensively about Iruland or how he’s related to that land. How does he rule a community he knows nothing about her history and core value?


“Unlike Gbolahan, Aremo will not get in the mud with the pigs, he has royal blood flowing through his veins, and he will not dignify them with a response or engage in the same degrading mentality. Aremo has maintained his silence for six months, since Gbolahan hijacked the throne and not a fang from him will move Aremo. Adesegun is a phenomenal leader.


“Aremo Adesegun is well-bred, learned, and sophisticated. Prince and his siblings have no reason to jump into the mud to fight but to objectively lay matters to bare.


The group called on the people of Iruland to be vigilant, watchful, and be wary of the enemy within, who has lobbied himself to become an unpopular king and encourage them to join hands and resist Gbolahan's draconian reign of terror.