Creative Industry Group Slams Multichoice For Making Illegal Payment To Okoroji's Defunt COSON


The Nigeria Creative Industry Group CIG has condemned the act of Multichoice after paying the sum of N120 million to Tony Okoroji’s defunct Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON),, and has demanded that matter be investigated by law enforcement agents.

Speaking to newsmen on Monday, February 8 2021, Nosa Omoregie  Oloto, the association spokesperson stated that the decision of Multichoice Nigeria Limited to deny Nigerian Musicians of their hard earned royalties by making illegal payment is both cruel and irresponsible and should be probed into by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC.

He wrote;

The Creative Industry Group has been sufficiently briefed about the irrational decision of Multichoice to pay a defunct organization, the sum of N120 million naira for the royalties that are supposed to go to music artistes and content creators.

Multichoice as a reputable brand cannot claim to be ignorant of the fact that COSON’s licence  has since been suspended by the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) over 3 years ago after failing to submit to Forensic Audit as its members were not satisfied with the Organization for objectionable and questionable practices.

We want to put it on record that CIG is following the event as it unfolds and will not hesitate to mobilize for a wholesale boycott of subscribers if it refuses to admit guilt and do the needful.

As a frontline movement I the creative industry, we will not accommodate any form of fraudulent practice at the detriment and expense of our creative minds who have worked hard to disburse creative materials that Multichoice has decided to misuse.

It is disheartening that Multichoice went ahead to file Notice of Appeal in matter that is obviously anti-progressive to the collective interest of creative industry that it solely depends on for content acquisition.

We are also aware of some elements who believe they can dictate to the Supreme Court to rule in their favour and upturn the N5.9 billion judgment against Multichoice Nigeria Limited., and we shall be waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court on the matter.

The music industry has grown tremendously over the last few years to the admiration of local and international audiences, fans and players. We cannot afford to allow ourselves be portrayed as a bunch of jokers or renegades, who can be used and dumped by content merchant who sees creative minds as transitory elements”.

The group calls on Nigerian government and law enforcement agencies to rescue the creative industry from the clutches of Multichoice and its allies in the industry.

“We also call on all genuine right owners to condemn and resist this crass attempt to blackmail and intimidate artists.”, he added


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