The Group Managing Director of Suru Group, Edward Akinlade has revealed that the problem of Nigeria is not leadership, as often believed by the citizens but fake pastors. He made this known at the official announcement of his new church as mandated by divine ordinance, Holy Tabernacle Temple (HTT) on Tuesday, 15 June 2021.

He stated that God is already dealing with them, as He is already killing the fake pastors one after the other.

God is already visiting the fake pastors in Nigeria and He’s taken them out one after the other.

He has killed Ireti Ajanaku. He told me He is the one who also killed Pastor TB Joshua. God said when a building collapsed at his church back then, TB Joshua lied to the whole world.

TB Joshua started very well. I followed him for 30 years. I left him from the day he openly lied about how people died and how he tried to conceal the details of the gory event. God took away his anointing as he did to King Saul. It was God that killed him. He had an underlining health issue and God used it to take him away.

As we speak, TB Joshua had no successive plan for Synagogue Church of the Nation.

God also told me He killed Ireti Ajanaku. He was my friend. I was introduced to him by Tope Alabi. I also decided to part ways from him when I began to notice discrepancies in his dealings.

He called me to his church in Baruwa a suburb in Lagos one day and said I should give him a plot of land in Ikeja GRA. I told him all the GRA properties are on working loan. He said he helped a Lagos-based billionaire who failed to return and appreciate God through him.

So, I said he should pray away the problem of AMCON but he couldn’t. After much pressure from him, I decided to give him three big buses instead of the land. But I later found out that he was using the buses to carry girls. Now he has gone to great beyond.

Fake pastor are the reason why we are having bad leadership. God told me they are all going to hellfire. Nigeria would have been a great Nation if our men of God can speak truth to power.

Imagine if Adeboye and Oyedepo called these politicians to order, openly, what do you think will happen, when they are chastised be men of God? But because no one is questioning or cautioning them, they continue to amass needless wealth for themselves at the expense of 200 million people

These bad leaders are gathering money they don’t know who will spend it. The Lord said there are 200,000 men of God in Nigeria but only 200 are genuine. This means only 200 men are recognized in a country of over 200 million people.

He added that God has vowed to start killing the fake men of God every week


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