Saluting the Courage, Dedication and Excellence of Otunba Niyi Babade – A Veteran Journalist

The celebrations and eulogies have kept on going since the veteran Nigerian journalist Niyi Babade turns 60 on Thursday April 27, 2023. They say happiness is contagious – here we join in the merriment, saluting this doyen of African journalism. 

Otunba Niyi Babade is a veteran journalist. He is an international media practitioner hoisting the continent’s flag in global media space. He’s generally known for his reportorial expertise on CNN. But he also has his hands in other areas of the media.

He is an international is the reason they call me a miracle man because he has the ability to dodge bullets. I have covered Sierra Leone and Liberia war; he is one of the frontliners of know a lot about international reporting.

Otunba Niyi studied Journalism in London and studied history and diplomatic studies in Nigeria. He has received countless awards for his courage and dedication to the country, sometimes at grave risks, working variously with some of the pillars of Nigerian print media, and radical advocates of democracy.

He has maintained the delicate balance of being at the commanding heights of journalism, and keeping in touch with the grassroots.

During the dark moments in Nigeria’s history, when fear and terror gripped the land; when the military arrested anyone at that time for just sneezing or coughing. they went after but he was lucky to have escaped and the rest, as they say, is now history.

One would be enthused by the mind-opening input that Otunba Niyi has contributed to Nigeria’s and, by extension, Africa’s journalism profession, going by the mouthwatering initiatives he has been making with his different journalism outlets. He blends passion with opportunity and creates effortless ideas that are record-breaking and intellectually stimulating.

It is unarguable that this man is eclectic in approach, and the coverage of his intellectual and professional interests is essentially wide

Otunba is celebrate today for his contributions to the media and journalism industry in the continent.

We wish him many more years of excellent service, and a very happy 60th birthday!