There's one newly written book that's getting almost everybody's attention now in Nigeria! The book titled 'HONEY AND MAGGOTS' has been described as a book packed with comprehensive information about life,  culture, and human existence, in general.

This book was written by a seasoned female lawyer, Adejoke Adeosun, aka Sisi Caro.

Before we take you far,  let's give you the synopsis of the book. 

"The 'Sorosoke" revolution wasn't really a first occurrence in Nigeria and its African counterparts. In the 19th century, there were those bold ones who had dared to question the order of things, demanding what was rightfully theirs; but these were suppressed, their rights subjugated. Some were tortured, set up, and some never lived to tell another tale of their struggles for freedom.

In the 20th century, a resurgence of the "Sorosoke" syndrome surfaced, albeit in a category of persons who had previously lost interest in politics and governance, and who the politicians didn't imagine could rise. The Youths!!! These arose with a surge of energy so intense and fierce defying the order of tribal differences and religious beliefs, unified by one single cause: a demand for good governance, the respect for human rights, and the desire to speak and be heard. Amid this revolution, Nigeria was battling against a worldwide pandemic that had cast a shadow of despair, fear, and uncertainty on the world. The African countries were expected to be the worst hit given the fact that they were mostly characterized as "developing countries" lacking adequate structures that were the norm in developed countries. Nigeria wasn't left out of this prediction, and the fear of how the pandemic would later play out was palpable in the zealous efforts of caution displayed in most quarters.

A revolution and a pandemic was not an easy combination and the stories of Dimeye, Patrick, Bolu, Abdul, Kunmi,  Julia, Aisha, Wade, and Mama Nana, unfold in the midst of it all relating to salient issues that are part of us, cultural inclinations, the pressure on couples yet to have their offsprings, male child molestation and rape (an issue that is rarely discussed), the frustrations of a failing government, the military era of terror, the unifying euphoria of football, romance, fear, uncertainty, loss, grief and tragedies. The expressions of nature in the characters' past experiences describe the serenity and beauty of the old times, how things were seemingly good before the manifestation and expressions of civilization and technology.

The characters in this plot have different stories and different experiences that are relatable and practical yet they are connected by a cord - the price and sacrifices that come to play with the ineptitude and failure of government and the consequent results from the continuous desire for the political class to rule, subjugate, oppress and thwart the very essence of democracy.

The sorosoke revolution was a good thing, and it is still a good thing, but was it worth the sacrifice and cost that came with it? Find out in this book, Honey and Maggots", and see for yourself how in one breath, something which seemed good could, in reality, be riddled with pain and evil".

Presently, the book is on Amazon ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BHTG74VN ) or ( https://rhbooks.com.ng/product/honey-and-maggots/ ). The book will be launched officially 20th of May, 2023.

Synopsis of The Book "Honey and Maggots" was  written by Tayo Awotiku