DJ Blackk Beat Enlists Lyta, Mayzee, and OaQ for the Highly Anticipated Release of 'Somebody' Today"


 Exciting news for music enthusiasts as the highly anticipated collaboration, "Somebody," by DJ Blackk Beat featuring Lyta, Mayzee, and OaQ, is officially releasing today. Fans and industry insiders have been eagerly awaiting this new release, which promises to deliver a captivating blend of talent, beats, and soulful vocals.


"Somebody" brings together the creative prowess of renowned Nigerian disc jockey and record label owner, DJ Blackk Beat, and rising stars Lyta, Mayzee, and OaQ. The track is a fusion of contemporary Afrobeat rhythms with elements of pop and R&B, showcasing the versatility and skill of all artists involved.


Lyta, the talented singer known for his soulful voice and heartfelt performances, brings his signature touch to "Somebody." Fans can expect his melodious vocals to harmonize perfectly with the captivating beats provided by DJ Blackk Beat. The track also features the impressive rap skills of Mayzee, who adds an extra layer of energy and lyrical depth to the collaboration. Furthermore, OaQ's smooth and captivating vocals contribute to the overall richness of the song, creating a captivating musical experience.


The anticipation surrounding "Somebody" has been building for weeks, with teasers and snippets generating excitement across social media platforms. The collaboration between DJ Blackk Beat, Lyta, Mayzee, and OaQ has been highly anticipated, as all artists have individually garnered attention and acclaim for their previous releases.


DJ Blackk Beat, a seasoned DJ and producer, is known for his ability to create infectious beats that resonate with audiences. With "Somebody," he has carefully curated a track that is expected to leave listeners hooked from the very first note.


The release of "Somebody" marks another significant milestone for these talented artists, as they continue to make their mark in the music industry. The track is expected to resonate with fans of Afrobeat, R&B, and pop music, thanks to its catchy hooks, impressive vocal performances, and infectious rhythms.


Fans and music lovers alike can now stream and download "Somebody" across various digital platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. The accompanying music video, which promises to be a visual treat, will be released in the coming days, offering fans a visual interpretation of the song's themes and emotions.


As "Somebody" makes its way into the music landscape, industry insiders are already predicting that it will become a chart-topping hit and further solidify the reputations of DJ Blackk Beat, Lyta, Mayzee, and OaQ as musical forces to be reckoned with.


For a captivating musical experience that blends infectious beats, soulful vocals, and remarkable artistry, don't miss out on "Somebody" by DJ Blackk Beat ft. Lyta, Mayzee, and OaQ. Tune in now and let the music take you on a journey like never before.

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