NOV 16: Your Vote Is Your Voice, Let It Speak For GYB, Federal Lawmaker Tells Kogi Voters

The lawmaker representing Adavi/Okehi federal constituency, Hon. Joseph Asuku Bello, has urged the good people of Kogi State to deliver no fewer than one million votes for Governor Yahaya Bello in the forthcoming election come Saturday, November 16, 2019.

Hon. Asuku, who has been in the field in the past few weeks on a full-scale campaign for the governor, Yahaya Bello and his deputy, Edward Onoja, stated that the party must maintain strong outing in the state, and encourage the people to also speak loudly with their votes

“What is important at this moment is where Kogi state is going. Here in Adavi/Okehis, we must maintain a strong outing for the APC.

“We must differentiate between developmental economy and container economy. We must educate our people that we will not accept to get Kogi backward again.
“Our opponents do not have the number. We have well over one million solid votes that our party can produce. I challenge all of you, your target must be 70 per cent of those votes for APC.

“You will do it for Governor Yahaya Bello, and Edward Onoja, ”
He said, “We are one party and one family. If this is so, we should proceed to make APC continue to work in Kogi State. So, our stakeholders and elders, I seek your solidarity and support for all our candidates. This is the way the campaign will go. On November 16, the whole of Kogi will vote for Buhari. We shall speak with one voice, we shall speak with our votes”, he said