Admittedly, Dele Momodu commonly called Bob Dee by his friends and close associates knows his job too well but sometimes, it is too difficult to figure out which side he belongs. If he says 'A' today, tomorrow he might say 'Z'.  Many years go, he bragged about being a dependable voice of Nigerian youths, next thing you know, he's doing the contrary. I'm sure he's not unaware the world is watching and noting.

When Sowore was arrested and detained by power that be, Dele Momodu shared fiery tweets that berated youths where he claimed they 'abandoned' Sowore. He mentioned in his tweets why the youths with their 'mouths' could not 'put resources together' to secure the release.

Fact is, Dele Momodu, a failed presidential candidate (whose only supporters were his immediate  household)  lacks principles. This is a man who writes against corruption yet celebrates looters. He almost sold Diezani Allison Madueke back to us if not for few bright minds close to top, who didn't buy his lies. He was disappointed!

Here's a man who is putting his resources together, including his literary prowess to support a known drug baron, certificate forger, billion van mover to fulfill what he called 'a day with destiny in 2023.

He's been everywhere on social platforms; he had initially thought Facebook is too low for his caliber of journalist. He believed Facebook is for the fracas and playground for nonentities. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be fulfilled on Twitter and Instagram, now he's back on Facebook where a little less than 60 to maximum of 150 viewers watch his Facebook live chat. What a pity. What a man.
Anyways, I'm joining a good number of his curious observers to welcome him on board.

Author: HRH Tinuade Mabel Onaneye,
The Erelu Oodua of Aye Kingdom.