Rivers State Democratic Alliance Union (RSDAU), Endorses Amaechi, El-Rufai For 2023 Presidency



The Rivers State Democratic Alliance-Union (RSDAU), had endorsed Chibuike Amaechi/Nasir El- Rufai for President 2023 and Prince Tonye Princewill for Rivers State Governor 2023.

This reflects in a statement released on Monday, 15 March 2021 and issued to newsmen.


The statements reads:


We members of the above body do hereby make the necessary bold step of officially endorsing the above mentioned names for the above mentioned Political offices.


Mr. Chibuike Amaechi and Mallam.Nasir El-Rufai are eminently qualified with excellent track record of outstanding success in governance and public administration.


We challenge those claiming that Chibuike Amaechi is not of Igbo origin to come out publicly and tell the world and Nigerians the tribe in Nigeria that bears "Chibuike and Amaechi" as indigenous tribal name.


Power must rotate from National to state level, down to all levels. At the center, Power will rotate from North to South and we are putting forward Rt.Hon.Amaechi/El-Rufai ticket for 2023 Presidential election. These two radiant hard working men with their outstanding track records of verifiable success in governance and public administration have  what it takes to revive Nigeria and her developmental challenges. Amaechi as Rivers State Governor did almost 80% of the work Emperor wike is claiming the glory and honor for today. While Mallam. Nasir El-Rufai, on his part as Honourable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.(FCT-Abuja) cleaned up Abuja and restored the original Master Plan. All the beautiful tress and flowers you see on the streets and high ways of Abuja are all the creative hand work of Mallam. Nasir-El-Rufai. We therefore, wish to officially endorse and project Amaechi/El-Rufai ticket for 2023 Presidential election as the best bet for the South to take over Power from the North. It is in need a great combination of young leaders that can and will deliver dividends of Democracy.


Back home here in Rivers State, We have started campaigning for Power to rotate from upland to Riverine side of Rivers State. It is a fair demand and we here by wish to formally and officially endorse a formidable known name. A kalabari born Prince and a  strong candidate to contend with in the Person of Prince Tonye Princewill for Rivers State Governor 2023. Emperor Wike runs to Sokoto to bow for Sultan of Sokoto the descendant of Usman Dan fodio that he used to insult our traditional rulers in Rivers State. Emperor wike runs to Sokoto to bow for Sultan of Sokoto only for him to come back to Rivers State to ridiculously ridicule our beloved traditional rulers the custodians of our native institutions with his Usman Dan Fodio cap morkery of the representatives of our esteemed traditional institutions. Impunity and arrogancy taken too far. Absolutely unacceptable!


In our view, the best karma and the best way to clear the mess of Emperor Wike, is to get the son of a king from the Riverine area of Rivers State, in the Person of Prince Tonye Princewill whose elderly father was a victim of Emperor Wike's manneless, aggressive, arrogant, disrespect for traditional rulers in Rivers State  since Power must rotate from upland to Riverine. We are of the view that Prince Tonye Princewill is the best candidate that can fight Emperor Wike and uproot any candidate that he might be thinking to impose. Prince Tonye Princewill will restore the broken dignity of our traditional rulers, he will bring back their honor and restore intergrity, not excluding regards for our traditional institutions and Native Authority.





Comrade. Silver Pedro Jack (SPJ)