Why Grace Schools Is Honouring Chairman, Pacific Network Solution, Adeniyi Ojikutu,


In the eyes of many, Adeniyi Ojikutu, Chairman, Pacific Network Solutions Ltd comes across as a phenomenon.


He also typifies a soul who enjoys the abundant grace of God, particularly when you consider his intimidating profile.


Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that his life epitomizes tenacity of purpose.


He started out as a regular businessman, But he wanted so much more out of life. And he pursued that ambition with abiding trust in God. Being the immediate past President of Computer Village Traders, Ojikutu has helped many traders grow in their business with relatively convenience policies and structure


Those who think that all there is about the astute IT salesperson and a stakeholder in Computer village, , must have been having a re-think now, as the man of high intellect and wisdom is beyond that.


The Lagos-based IT wizard is definitely, a champion extraordinaire who singlehandedly redefined the ICT sector in the country.


For years, he’s sailed untroubled in the entrepreneurial ocean, navigating numerous business boats with grace and the nous of veteran captain.

A man of no mean repute whose achievements can be composed into a platinum album, Ojikutu beams with the glow of perpetual IT investors’ confidence in a clime notorious for its unpredictable business climate.

Many would not forget in a hurry when this businessman, who is a glittering star in the business firmament, took a leap of faith as he teamed up with some of his protégés to establish a strong structure in Computer Village as a small computer sales business. Though the office then, might be likened to a small mustard seed, the IT guru knew it would someday grow to be a strong convergences point for IT solutions

He didn’t just mouth it, but he saw the dream becoming a reality in his lifetime.

He is also a staunch politician with a high prospect to hold strong political office in Lagos or central.

One thing he's also loved for is the silent gesture of his benevolence and kind-heartedness. He gives freely and does it behind the camera.


This is why Lagos Leading education institution, Grace School will be honoring Ojikutu at the Annual Grace Schools Alumni Teachers Awards Set to hold Soon

Our students shall also have the opportunity to meet the great Ojikutu in flesh and scoop from his pool of wisdom.