Double Celebration As Grossbuy Celebrates 10th and 5th Anniversary In Nigeria & US Respectively



One of Nigeria’s foremost real estate investment companies, Grossbuy real estate is celebrating its 10th anniversary of making affordable housing and investment opportunity attainable for Nigerians and the 5th anniversary of brilliant business investment operations in the United States respectively.

The apex real estate leasing and purchase platform was first introduced in Nigeria in 2012 and started its giant strides in Lagos with a physical office presence with less than 10 staff strengths. It also launched in the United States in 2017, an active marketing network across the western business space.

The Group Managing Director of the company, Prince Olaniyi Karonwi narrated how he started like any other business but was driven by a high sense of growth and development to the housing sector of the Nigerian economy hence the need for the propagation of affordable housing schemes.

“We noticed a vacuum in the industry that lacks adequate housing information and flexible payment structure that would enable every Nigerian to have a roof over their head which brought about our installment and flexible prices and mortgages across all our properties.

“We also provided a broader platform for those who want to lease or sell properties via our Gross buy network. We also help buyers do due diligence about the documentation and validity of properties and the integrity of the seller, to be sure that the property is safe for purchase or lease.

Our vision is to become a leading real estate investment company in Nigeria but eventually, we discovered that our passion for world-class real estate standards has attracted interest from the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates. The company has grown so massively with over 1,500 staff strength including marketers, 10 estate location across the country and Republic of Benin and several operational offices.”

He continued, “As you can see, we’ve created many opportunities for the Nigerian population by creating jobs and giving hope for the hopeless in the area of housing.

We can categorically say we’ve closed the housing gap in the country by creating avenues for people to either own properties or make extra income through crowdfunding without having to break the bank and enabling them to make more money while they go on with their other economic needs without stress.”

“We’ve also enjoyed a robust collaboration from the people whose communities we’ve developed by bringing change to them and developing such communities. We are committed to making every of our host communities feel our presence in terms of development and infrastructural growth that we bring to their communities,” he stated.

Expressing the company’s gratitude to its teeming customers, Prince Karonwi said, “We appreciate all the esteemed customers that have shown us, love, by patronizing us in the past ten years and we say a very big thank you to them because they are the sole reason we are still in business. We appreciate you all and hope to serve you more in the years to come”.

He also implored Nigeria’s policymakers to focus on, improving access to electricity in Africa.

“Improving access to electricity in Africa will unlock the wealth of this continent, but lack of access to electricity is holding us back,” he said.

The CEO while thanking the Nigerian base clients also announced the decision of the company to extend massively its business tentacle to the United Arab Emirates, UAE.

“We are embarking on a full-scale investment project in the heart of Dubai and our existing clients and investors will be carried along.

“We are fully registered and licensed to operate fully in the UAE and we are taking our full operational machinery there while we retain our commendable service here in Nigeria.

“This means all our business subscribers in Nigeria will also be cashing in, on all of our business investments outside the country because our networks are closely knitted varying from real estate investment, E-Commerce, and of course our new movie streaming platform that is taking the world by storm” he stated.