ANAP Foundation's Presidential Poll is misleading and inaccurate - NNPP/Kwankwaso Presidential Campaign Council.


The NNPP/ Kwankwaso Presidential Campaign Council has described the recently released Presidential poll by ANAP Foundation and it's projections as self seeking, self serving, misleading,  inaccurate and laced with partisanship.


The spokesperson of the Council, Ladipo Johnson while reacting to the poll, impunged the sampling methods of the data collection.


" I watched the interview on Arise Television programme this morning when the Chairman of ANAP Foundation, Atedo Peterside could not adequately respond to, or substantiate the sampling method used in arriving at the obviously unverifyable or concocted data. His defence was rather unclear and begging the question whether the poll was authentic by telling Nigerians or whoever is not comfortable with the outcome to go do their own poll!


Johnson said "I would take it with a pinch of salt. This is a known template. In this season we should expect many more dubious sounding opinions,  polls etc. Unfortunately there are many who for parochial reasons are drawing back the development of our democracy,  due to various propaganda tricks".

He went on to state that the data purportedly relied upon did not go far enough in an empirical manner to show the ethnic and religious backgrounds of those polled, no indication as to whether those polled are artisans, educated or non educated , professional or non professional Nigerians etc. "The poll is to say the least bogus and an attempt to create the impression that the LP candidate is a rising underdog with potential to succeed when in actual fact, the reality on ground is totally different. This is similar to a misleading poll they conducted before the Ekiti election.

In any event the poll will succeed in giving their supporters temporary euphoria! On our part we are building momentum at the grassroots level round the country and look forward to the 28th of September 2022 when we will openly bring our positive message for a new and prosperous Nigeria where every citizen will have the opportunity for a better life, to the people of the country", he said.


The party, NNPP insists that the complete  process of the poll should be published if not the poll cannot be taken seriously.


Ladipo Johnson