CroudTading Hits Groundbreaking Investment Level In 6 Months


 ….. CEO Appreciates Investors, Advises Prospective Subscribers On Passive Income


Entrepreneurs are the rock stars of the business world. We read about them constantly in the press, many people wish they could be them, and we hear that people who invest in them make a lot of money. Until recently, only the richest among us were able to invest in entrepreneurs (technically, in their companies)—but not anymore. Croudtrading has created a platform where anyone can go online to invest in early-stage companies in exchange for ownership shares, or earn passive income.


Croudtrading is one of the many lucrative initiatives of Jonliz LLC and bare 10 months into its operation. It has recorded no fewer than 730 investors who are cashing out every month.




The project initiator and MD/CEO of Jonliz LLC, while on a brief vacation in Abu Dhabi posted a short video to celebrate the incredible acceptance of Croudtrading with over 700 investors and encourage others to save themselves from the clutches of subsistent economic crisis, by keying into the idea of generating passive income.


His words:


Croudtrading Nigeria Limited and CroudTrading UAE is actually providing passive income for over 700 investors now. Within a short period of time, we have been able to manage successfully about 730 investors on Croud trading so we sincerely appreciate those who trust us and those who believe in us. And those who, against all odds have been able to invest on our platform and are getting their passive income. See, regardless of how rich you are everyone needs a passive income.


I am also a big investor. I have invested in so many things: I have invested in real estate; I have invested in entertainment. I have invested in several other things both within and outside of Nigeria. So do not think that you are doing yourself any good if you are not investing.


There’s a different between being rich and being wealthy.  If you have five million naira today, you are rich but you are nor wealthy. In order for you to build a stable economy for yourself, a stable tomorrow financially.  I am not just saying this to just to sign you on, on croud trading, but because of yourself. Invest your money, get some passive income and you will not regret it.


So those who are on our platform, we appreciate you, we will not let you down, of course croud trading is not the first company we have. It is not going to be the last. It is the baby company among other companies that we have built and are also doing so well.


Talk of real estates in Nigeria, in the UAE and the United States, (Grossbuy LLC). We appreciate every one of you who believed in these companies and are doing business with us.


And to those who, after having a relationship with Jonliz, still feels the brand is after your money, we appreciate you.


It is my profound advice that you put your money on something that will continue to yield some money for you regularly.


Great Jonliz Betty Nigerian Limited, the initiator of Jonliz market, Grossbuy properties, JMSlide, and Jonlizvest is introducing a fast-growing and high-end earning investment platform with huge returns, CroudTrading.


CroudTrading is established with innovative investment products, high-quality solutions, and top experts with a proven track record. The products are designed with one main objective, to preserve and grow investors’ capital and provide security for institutional and individual investors.


CroudTrading investment is structured to manage investment funds for a minimum tenure of between 1 month and up to 18 months as investment tenure.




The fund is further deployed into multiple trading and investment vehicles, across multiple platforms.




All market, investment, and trading risks are absorbed by the platform.


Based on the tenure of investors’ choice, CroudTrading pays corresponding returns and corresponding compounded returns, as profit payments are done via automatic bank transfers.




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