The Pluto Effect: How Crown Uzama is Making Waves in Nigeria Music


Crown Uzama, professionally known as Shallipopi, Plutomaniapopi, Biggestdripinafrica or Evian, is a Nigerian artist from Benin City, Edo State. Uzama is making waves with his new single “Elon Musk”, which has gone viral on music platforms and social media.


The 20 year old from Benin City, Edo State Nigeria is gaining recognition for his unique lyrical style and catchy slang “Pluto”. His fanbase, known as “Plutomaniac Citizens”, are quickly growing in numbers.


Uzama has become famous for his unique slang “Pluto”, and his fans affectionately call themselves “Plutomanian citizens”. His rise to fame has been nothing short of remarkable, and his success has been made even more impressive by the fact that he is a recent graduate of Auchi Polytechnic.


Uzama has been celebrated for his lyricism, catchy beats and unique style, and quickly becoming a household name in Nigerian music. He has amassed a large following both online and off, and he is fast becoming one of the most talked-about artists in the country.


Uzama is not only an artist but also an entrepreneur, having founded his own record label and production company. He is a rising star of Nigerian music and is one to watch in the coming years.


Crown Uzama’s impressive talent and potential have earned him a loyal fanbase and created a buzz in the entertainment industry. With his creative sound and strong presence on social media, he is sure to make an impact in the music industry.