Will Young Chinazam Ever Get Justice? Nigerians Cry For Help


This heart-wrenching tale revolves around the life of young Chinazam, a Nigerian boy whose life took a tragic turn during a seemingly routine appendicitis surgery at a clinic operated by the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in 2016. What should have been a quick and simple procedure became a harrowing series of medical errors and negligence that left Chinazam with severe complications.

Chinazam had initially complained of stomach pain, but the clinic dismissed his condition as insignificant. However, as the pain persisted, he was finally referred to a surgeon who diagnosed him with an inflamed appendix. The surgery was urgently scheduled, with hopes of resolving the issue.

However, during the operation, unforeseen complications arose. The medical staff discovered water accumulation in Chinazam's brain and other organs. In the midst of this medical crisis, Chinazam's parents, Stella and Emeka Okoli, were left anxiously waiting for hours, desperate for any information about their son's condition. It was only after what seemed like an eternity that they were informed of a drug reaction but given a glimmer of hope that Chinazam was still alive.

Chinazam slipped into a medical coma, his fragile life hanging in the balance. Days turned into agonizing nights as he remained confined to the clinic's Intensive Care Unit. The Okolis, in a desperate bid to secure the best possible care for their son, pleaded with Shell to transfer him to a specialized trauma center abroad. However, Shell's response was marked by delays and an ultimate decision to send him to South Africa, a choice that fell short of the family's hopes for a more suitable destination like the United States.

Throughout this ordeal, Shell's handling of the situation portrayed a distressing lack of concern for Chinazam's well-being. The company failed to provide the necessary support and essential services during his recovery, leaving the Okolis feeling abandoned and isolated. Despite their repeated pleas for his transfer to a facility with advanced cognitive rehabilitation protocols, Shell turned a deaf ear to their heartfelt requests.

This story sheds light on the undeniable negligence, medical errors, and the deliberate cost-saving measures that jeopardized Chinazam's life. It exposes Shell's betrayal of its own professed commitment to prioritizing the health and safety of individuals. Despite the Okoli family's tireless efforts and unwavering determination, Shell's actions needlessly prolonged Chinazam's suffering and hindered his path to recovery.

What truly concerns Nigerians and the grief-stricken parents is a simple plea: Shell, a company that claims to care deeply, as evidenced by their support to internally displaced persons (IDP) and flood victims, should extend that care to Chinazam. The core values of honesty, integrity, and respect should be exemplified in this case. The family implores Shell to treat Chinazam's life care plan as more than a commodity, recognizing its significance in preserving his dignity until recovery or until it is time for his soul to meet his maker. They earnestly request the release of Professor Ronke Desalu's report, as it holds the answers to the question of what truly transpired during a seemingly minor surgery that has had such far-reaching consequences.

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