The Lagos High Court sitting at Osborne, Ikoyi on the 12th day of February granted the application of Revolutionplus restraining Mr Kayode Oladipo from making any further videos on all the social media platforms and any other news platform to impugn the character of the 1st applicant, RevolutionPlus, and the 2nd applicant , Dr Bamidele Onalaja

In the motion filed. The applicants have also gone ahead to sue Mr Kayode Oladipo for slander, same which is followed by aggravated damages. 

RevolutionPlus had initially decided to let sleeping dogs lie when the Lagos state Government,through one of its agency, LASRERA in a bid to resolve the matter prevailed on parties to settle amicably, for which in reverrred respect to the Lagos state Government, RevolutionPlus acquiesced to allocate Kayode. This was followed by Kayode's promise before the Lagos state Government to do a video retracting his allegations of fraud against the company, same which was false. Despite the fact that Kayode reneged on his promise to do a retraction and rather went on in this folly, RevolutionPlus fulfilled it's own obligations and allocated Kayode to alternative estate as promised. Mr Kayode turned around again with unfounded excuses and reason of rejecting the land. 

It is more disheartening to state that Kayode who blatantly told a lie of paying 40million, whereas he was owing the company has up till now refused to tell the truth to the unsuspecting social media audience. RevolutionPlus has decided to get justice and damages by slamming a suit on him and the matter has been further adjourned for the determination of the main suit. RevolutionPlus appreciates all its loyal subscribers for their support and encouragement thus far and vows to forge ahead in satisfying it's customers.